Napa Valley Fine Dining With Wine From Napa Supports The Local Napa County Economy.

Napa Valley Vintners & Their Fans Support Napa Restaurants

Napa Valley, like so many wine growing communities, has an incredibly productive and useful vintners’ association (called, appropriately, Napa Valley Vintners Association) that strives to keep Napa Valley wineries in the public’s–and especially Napa Valley tourists–eye.

Napa Valley restaurants are using the Napa Valley Vintners Wine List ProgramOne way the Napa Valley Vintners Association (NVV for short) has promoted Napa Valley wineries was started during the 2010 economic downturn, by focusing their attention on local restaurants’ wine lists. The NVV Napa Valley Wine List Awards Program formally requests that businesses and residents show their love for the local wine industry by supporting the restaurants in the special Napa Valley program. Participating Napa County restaurants dedicate 50% of their wine list (or at least 50 wine selections) specifically to Napa Valley wines. The program tripled from 2013 to 2018.

The Napa Valley wine industry, with its $13 billion/year impact on the local economy, is known for creating 46,000+ Napa Valley and Napa County employment opportunities. Patrons of the Napa Valley restaurants participating in the program, celebrate the buying and selling of Napa Valley wines to grow these and other businesses success in Napa Valley.

Let’s celebrate these Napa Valley, California, restaurants for selling Napa Valley wines locally on their wine lists. And, if you have local restaurants near you, which are supporting your winery’s wines, be sure to let us know so we can celebrate them as well!

Here are the Napa Valley restaurants participating in the Napa Valley Vintners Association restaurant wine list program as of April 2018:

Napa Valley Vintners Association Wine List Program Participants


St. Helena