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I didn’t think a small wine producer like me would be attacked by malware and hacking. If I had protected my website earlier, it would have saved so much time and money. Now I use DigiVino’s annual protection plan and I wouldn’t go back.

I can’t believe it has been 10 years! My goodness.
You have been a wonderful asset to the Keenan cause and I thank you very much!

Pamela and her team provide fantastic, authentic digital marketing training that is thoughtfully tailored to each customer’s needs. This is perfect for business owners and marketers who want to hone their skills and keep up with the latest trends. Pamela really knows her stuff, and is very generous with her knowledge. Furthermore, she can explain it in laymen’s terms for those of us who aren’t that ‘tech savvy.’ Her courses can take your business to the next level of revenue goals.

I’m very excited to have you in my corner.

She knows as much about delivering value to clients as I know about post modern literature.

DigiVino has been been responsible for a majority of our online marketing since 2011 including our website, social media, SEO, email, sample program. They continue to grow the number of people online who buy our wines every year. Fantastic job!

Thank you for a fantastic class. I took away so much helpful information and have a better idea of how to approach our online ‘cart’ presence.

Pamela is an outstanding strategic thinker with very broad knowledge of new and exciting ways to engage via all online channels. She understands exactly how to probe client’s needs, ensuring the proposed solutions truly solve their business problems and achieve the expected results. She and her team are capable of handling many disparate pieces, projects and interactions simultaneously while keeping projects on time and on budget. She is a strong asset helping successfully grow our sales department and new revenue. All in all a great asset and joy to work with!

Pamela’s team is creative, reliable and fast. We hired them to handle a website design for a tricky client with several obstacles and a large, content-driven site. They set realistic expectations, met all deadlines and even offered additional creative ideas to consider, which we ended up using. I highly recommend them and will hire them again

With GO-U, we learned to organize our company visions. The training helped us understand how to use online tools for our company and find the right followers. Within the first few weeks, we already received several interest emails from new contacts who’ve seen us on online.

Successful online marketing felt just out of reach. Technology is changing all the time; list building is difficult; and paid advertising seemed risky.

GO-U gave me the boost I needed.

A Napa Client's Success

A DigiVino Case Study

DigiVino is known for making stunning increases in small wineries online revenue through our wine business promotional services.

GO-U teaches the same strategies we’ve used at DigiVino for these accomplishments, so participants can do the same for their wine businesses.

To give just one example, last year while working with one boutique Napa winery, we achieved the following. These results are similar to those we’ve received for many of our clients.




Online Sales


Email Sales


Search Engine Sales

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Many wine businesses’ first goal is to increase online sales, where margins are highest. This requires effective messaging on one’s website as well as via email, social media and all online channels. Websites and landing pages must have a user-friendly interface with clear paths to take action. Tracking, such as Google Analytics, must be in place to guide changes and measure success. Ultimately, this goal requires a strategy and plan to build a prospect list, convert more customers from prospects, retain existing customers, as well as grow frequency and size of purchases.

In this case, DigiVino online marketing services were employed to get these results. However, GO-U will help start-ups and small wineries with even tighter budgets.  This is possible through GO-U’s live, online training sessions, marketing tool kits and customizable-templates. Participants aren’t left to fend for themselves, though, because of GO-U’s highly unique online support and direct mentorship. Learn more.


Wine Business Promotion for Small Wineries and Wine Related VendorsThis Napa Valley winery produces about 9,000 cases of wine per year, sold predominately via brokers with minimal extra sales completed via their ecommerce shop.  They wanted to increase those online sales, which became our first goal.

We developed a multi-prong, strategic, online marketing plan that included email, web, social media and search engine optimization.


The results, though not unusual with our larger retainer clients, were phenomenal. We nearly doubled their online revenue after one year. We were able to make these improvements by strategically addressing biggest opportunities first–such as improvements to email campaigns and adding search engine optimization–followed by fine-tuning.

This small Napa winery enjoyed an annual increase of 36% above the average size of orders from the previous year. Overall, sales online increased 41% the same year. Sales from emails, though, showed the biggest improvement at 121% increase over last year.  And, sales resulting from search engine traffic were up a whopping 46%.