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Marketing Mentorship

GO-U Online Marketing Training for Wine Businesses

GO-U Online Digital Marketing Training for Wine Businesses & Winery

Increase Sales with GO-U’s New Wine Business Training Program

DigiVino’s wine business training program, GO-U, was designed to help small businesses increase sales despite typically limited budgets and time. Eager-to-help staff members, and owners alike, learn how to increase revenue and market exposure in five core areas of online marketing. GO-U gives do-it-yourselfer owners and support staff the tools and training needed to implement online promotion to multiply sales and success.  Each month the GO-U program is focused on a different strategic theme. DigiVino founder, Pamela Snyder, personally provides instruction on how to increase sales using that particular online marketing channel. The class is taught live and online, so that no time is wasted driving to a location. Two days and times are offered, so that participants can fit each workshop into their schedules. Back up recordings are provided so that participants won’t miss a thing, even if an unexpected schedule conflict arises.  In addition, participants receive a new kit of tools with all the materials needed to succeed for each of the core areas taught. Perhaps the most important aspect of this program is that it is PRACTICAL. Participants roll out their marketing strategy as we go, and enjoy on-going mentorship beyond the program to help with online marketing questions and brainstorming as they proceed with implementing their online strategies.

GO-U Program Components
  • ONLINE MARKETING KITS Checklists, spreadsheets, guides, tactical plans and templates—the essentials, all bundled together and delivered with a training session for immediate use.
  • IMPLEMENTATION WORKSHOPS Hands-on seminars that show how to leverage web, social, email and SEO to your advantage. Walk away with a sense of accomplishment and progress.
  • MARKETING SUPPORT Get the wine business training you need for you and your team as you run campaigns, implement mass mailings, optimize for search engines and edit your site. Schedule a call, with optional screen sharing, or use our drop-in hours for one-on-one support from one of our online specialists.
  • WEB MAINTENANCE & ENHANCEMENTS DISCOUNTS Ongoing technical and strategic support at reduced rates: custom engineering, design, and IT help to meet your needs and keep your online presence current.
Core Areas of Focus
  • WEB Enhance your site to increase sales. The GO-U program drives more traffic to your website. Make your site more “sticky”, so customers will stay to spend more money.
  • SOCIAL Strategically choose social networks for your business, automate the process of publishing daily posts, and grow your list using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, and more.
  • EMAIL Create well-crafted email campaigns following best practices and sophisticated methodologies such as content maps and A/B subject line and content testing.
  • SEO Many believe the saying, “If we build it, they will come.” That is not the case. Funnel your target audience from search engines to your site by optimizing your site using key phrase generation, Google Analytics reporting, and critical SEO tools.

We know having a small business means we all have to wear a lot of hats.  But not everyone is a a digital media specialist. Get your social-media savvy nephew and technically-inclined staff members the training and tools they need to transform your online presence into a web of productivity and profit.

GO-U Marketing Training for Wine Businesses