Wine Industry IT (Information Technology) Support Mark Bleeker

Wine Industry IT (Information Technology) Support Mark Bleeker

Our wine industry IT (information technology) support specialist Mark Bleeker is a skilled technician with experience in personal computers, servers and network deployment, and accessibility and maintenance. He is a creative problem solver who is able to apply technical expertise, analytical abilities, and interpersonal skills to improve results from technology. He is detail-oriented, but can also adapt to changing environments. Mark’s wine industry IT (information technology) support is accentuated by his personality and willingness to work on-site to put solutions in place for wineries, wine bars and other wine businesses. Mark brings over 10 years of system support experience; a strong interest in learning new technology, systems and all things wine industry IT and:

  • Supports IT clients’ technical needs, both in-person and remotely.
  • Communicates effectively with enterprise-level support personnel, Department Heads and our end-users, both orally and in writing.
  • Manages on-going hardware orders, installations and upgrades
  • Evaluates and deploys system solutions and sophisticated remote connectivity solutions
  • Meets DigiVino clients’ needs for initiative, time management in fast-paced environments, and constant process improvements.
  • Derives a great deal of personal and professional satisfaction in not only identifying processes that might be improved, but also suggesting and implementing solutions