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Security Package

(One Time Fee)

Stay Safe with Routine Website Maintenance &
a Robust Security Strengthener

Small Business Website Security is something many entrepreneurs leave as a low priority. However, sadly, as those who have suffered a malware or phishing attack can attest, a website outage or blacklisting can be devastating to business sales and operations.

A couple of the most effective ways to keep your site safe are by maintaining updated software and plugins:

Website Maintenance Helps Mitigate Against Malware Attacks
Just like a car needs oil changes, websites need the security patches that come with software updates. Similarly, using complex and safe passwords is critical. One weak dictionary based, short or compromised login can lead to a website breach. That’s why we recommend passwords at least 10 characters long, and preferably 20-30, comprised of small and capital letters, numbers and punctuation with no dictionary-based words.

Firewalls and IP Whitelisting Help Avoid Phishing, Malware and Hacking
The other step that small businesses can take is to mitigate against risk of a malware or phishing attack by adding a firewall and IP whitelisting to prevent access, along with scanning for blacklisting, so that any issue can be resolved quickly.

Robust Security Package Affordably Provides Updates, Firewall & Uptime Scanning

With small businesses’ success in mind, we have put together an affordable package with ALL OF THE ABOVE pro-active measures and more. Sign up now, or contact us for more info.