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Taste of GO-U: 5 Principles


5 Principles for Small Wineries to Double Sales with Email

This is online marketing education for wine businesses. It is a taste of the newest GO-U program called, “The Right Online Blend”. Participants get specific instruction, a campaign planner and a clear understanding of how to double sales from email campaigns.

 “Join me for a free taste of GO-U – practical, results-forward with an inspirational finish.  In our hour together, I will tell you how to double the sales you generate through email by sharing how I achieved just that for a small Napa Winery in 2016.”        

~ Pamela, DigiVino Founder

A Taste of GO-U is offered (for free!) on the last Thursday of every month. Choose your time:

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DigiVino Founder Pamela Snyder talks about online marketing education

5 Principles for Small Wineries to Double Sales with Email is a taste of my company’s online marketing education program called GO-U. The U might remind you of University, but there’s nothing academic about this hands-on training. It also might make you think of YOU, and that’s right, because GO-U empowers wine business owners with tools and instruction to multiply online sales, prospect lists and club memberships. GO-U is a blend of mentorship, tools and training to sustain that growth long-term, without overtaxing limited time and cash resources.

For the purposes of instruction, in 5 Principles, I will share with wine business owners and marketers the story of one of my clients.  Similar to many other small wineries, they were limited in time and money to invest in their online marketing. Yet, using the principles I will share,  we doubled their sales with email last year.

This is not an exercise in theory. You will come a way with a practical understanding of five principles you can immediately implement, and some very useful tools. I designed it to be a stand-alone course. Even if you never indulge in the full marketing mentorship system, you will find great substance and value in this taste of GO-U.   This is the first time I’ve offered this program to small wineries and wine businesses and I hope you’ll join me!

~ Pamela

P.S.: Boutique Wineries, Wine Bars, Small Wine Businesses: this online marketing education is for you!

What You Will Get

A one-hour online marketing education…

In this free, one-hour taste of my GO-U program, you will get:

  • The specific principles wine marketing company DigiVino used to achieve a 121% email revenue increase for a small Napa Valley winery
  • How we addressed their goals and budget
  • The common fears that winery was facing
  • An understanding of the characteristics their audience displayed
  • Precise campaign statistics

What You Will Do

Use this hour-long online marketing education to make your email more effective at increasing sales.

I will spell out for you, using real life examples, how to craft your emails to:

  • Promote word-of-mouth sharing
  • Be user-friendly and understandable in a glance
  • Get the most traction from your audience
  • Overcome technical and logistical challenges
  • Leverage data-driven opportunities

$0.  The Right Online Blend online marketing education is completely free. No strings attached.