5 Principles to
Increase Email Sales
for your winery

A Taste of GO-U led by Pamela Snyder of DigiVino

Laptop with 5 Principles to Increase Email Sales

Join me for a free taste of GO-U! Practical, results-forward training with an inspirational finish.  In our hour together, I will teach you the 5 principles I used to double the sales generated through email for a boutique Napa Winery, and how to apply them to your business for increased email sales.         ~ Pamela

5 Principles to Increase Email Sales is a taste of our online marketing course, GO-U. In this free mini-course, you’ll get specific instructions, a campaign planner and a clear understanding of how you can increase sales from email campaigns.

Our full course, GO-U, is a blend of mentorship, tools and training to empower small wineries to increase sales immediately, while acquiring the skills to sustain that growth long-term without overtaxing their limited time and cash resources.

"Online marketing seemed like a cliff I had to jump off. GO-U made it more like a gradual hill. It's great to have someone there to guide you and answer questions along the way."
~Sebastian Knuttel, William Knuttel Winery

This free hour is for U.

  • Small and boutique business owners and their staff responsible for increasing online sales
  • Do-it-yourselfers who want keep their marketing budgets tight while blowing their sales wide open
  • Weekend winemakers with a garage full of wine and no idea how to sell it
  • Webmasters who have the technical prowess but are a bit shy on marketing experience
  • Social media content developers who’d like to understand the big picture of how to use email to convert fans into customers — and customers into advocates

If this isn't for you, we can still help.

  • Anyone who is not a do-it-yourselfer, yet wants to improve sales. (DigiVino will help you…)
  • Those who would rather have it done for you. (DigiVino will do it.)
  • Someone too busy to apply the principles we’ll be covering, will not get the full benefit. (But DigiVino will help you still get ahead, despite your schedule…)


DigiVino will happily implement email, web, social media, analytics and other tools to help you take your business to the next level.

What your fellow winemakers have to say...

Cassandra Durst

You are at the top of my list Marketing at all levels will be a priority from here on out. Thanks again for having such a positive impact on my future as a winery! Cheers.

Cassandra Durst
Jamie Slone

Love GO-U!!! I have a background in marketing, but still found great value in the program.

Jamie Slone
Sebastian Knuttel

Well, you feel like the online marketing is a cliff you have to jump off of. GO-U makes it more like a gentle hill. It’s much easier having someone.

Sebastian Knuttel
5 Principles to Double Email Revenue

Boutique Wineries, Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses: this is for you!

In this free, one-hour taste of my GO-U program, you will learn:

  • The specific principles wine marketing company DigiVino used to achieve a 121% email revenue increase for a small Napa Valley winery
  • How we addressed their goals and budget
  • The common fears that winery was facing
  • An understanding of the characteristics their audience displayed
  • Precise campaign statistics

Get Wine Sales and Marketing Services, Mentorship, Tools and Training.

I will spell out for you, using real life examples, how to craft your emails to:

  • Promote word-of-mouth sharing
  • Be user-friendly and understandable in a glance
  • Get the most traction from your audience
  • Overcome technical and logistical challenges
  • Leverage data-driven opportunities

5 Principles to Increase Email Sales

A free taste of GO-U

How to Increase Email Sales

A practical, results-forward course for small businesses with an inspirational finish.

5 Principles to Increase Email Sales is a free taste of my company’s online marketing education program called GO-U. The U might might make you think of YOU, and that’s right, because GO-U empowers wine business owners with tools and instruction to multiply online sales, prospect lists and club memberships. The U might make you think of university–and this is an educational program. But GO-U is much more than that. It is a practical, hands-on blend of mentorship, tools and training to sustain that growth long-term, without overtaxing limited time and cash resources.

For the purposes of instruction, in 5 Principles, I will share with wine business owners and marketers the story of one of my clients.  Similar to many other small wineries, they were limited in time and money to invest in their online marketing. Yet, using the principles I will share,  we doubled their sales with email last year.

This is not an exercise in theory. You will come a way with a practical understanding of five principles you can immediately implement, and some very useful tools. I designed it to be a stand-alone course. Even if you never indulge in the full marketing mentorship system, you will find great substance and value in this taste of GO-U.   This is the first time I’ve offered this program to small wineries and wine businesses and I hope you’ll join me!

~ Pamela

Still have questions?

Pamela Snyder DigiVino Founder Teaches GO-U Wine Marketing MentorshipDigivino

Pamela Snyder founded DigiVino (a branch of GOsustainably) with over 15 years experience in digital media and strategic planning. In the early dot com days, Pamela led the producer team of one of the world’s top three Web agencies, Red Sky Interactive, and launched an online media design company in South America. Since then she has led global, national and regional interactive media and marketing strategy teams for Sutter Home, Miller, Nike, Cisco, Walmart, San Francisco Department of the Environment, Toyota, NFL, Visa, Levi’s, International Fund for Animal Protection, World Watch International and Save the Children. Pamela is fluent in Spanish with proficiency in breaking down cultural, linguistic and online barriers. She has MBA from one of the top sustainability business school in the country (per Fast Company), a passion for travel and a habit of dancing the cha-cha outside on full moon nights.

Laptop with 5 Principles to Increase Email Sales