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What’s the Deal with QR Codes?

QR codes (think “quick read”) enable smart phone users scan (with a free universal QR app) a funny looking black and white graphic (i.e.: jazzed up bar code) and be instantly directed to a URL. This way, customers and prospects can be driven to your Web site, online campaign, social media presence or any URL, with out requiring them to type an address into a Web browser. (Try the one below!) QR codes may be placed anywhere people with smart phones go or will come across (product labels, gift boxs, shopping bags, event posters, signs or tickets). The codes can even be placed on Web sites, to painlessly transfer a URL to a mobile phone.
QR codes present an excellent opportunity to connect with customers’ and prospects’ palms, where most (60% of emails are read on smart phones) spend a good deal of time. This may be a short-lived tool, but it works now; it is perfect for a wine bottle, so a customer can easily re-order.

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