Technology moving too fast?

Ever feel like technology is moving faster than you want? I understand. I feel like that every time I get on a roller-coaster. Between you and me, I hate the sensation of my stomach in my throat, so Big Dippers and the like are not for me. But, a wise 5 year old once told me, “Let GOoooooo!!! It’s fun if you let go.” And that is the advice I would give you about technology. It is zooming up and down before us, whether or not we want. So we may as well make the most of it. If we don’t (and we happen to be a business owner) we’ll see that our competitors will.

One example of how fast things are moving in interactive media, is Glass. Google’s hands-free interface that lets you do the sorts of things you use your smart phone to do (take pictures, videos, look up info, share things).









Today only, if you use the hashtag #ifihadglass and tell the story of what you would do with it, Google is looking for public testers to try out the new device. #ifihadglass, I’d take it to my buddy, Sylvester Paresso, in Tanzania. He leads safari tours through the wild, to make money to buy seeds for his garden, where he grows food for his family. Since he’s connected to the world through his Web site, Tanzanian Tour, and his Facebook page, I know he would share his amazing world with everyone. What a treat that would be!


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