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Search Engine Optimization

Where does your business rank on Google?

Search engines today have replaced the yellow pages of yesterday. In fact, more people find businesses via search engines than typing business URLs directly into Web browsers. According to Forrester Research Inc, “93% of online experiences begin with search engine.

” Search Engine Optimization or SEO enables prospective customers to find your business Web site. Many prospects do not yet know your company name, but will search on keywords (descriptive terms) that relate to your business. If you have not optimized for search engines, chances are they will not find you.

A study by Optify Research, showed that the top ranking website, “has an average click-through rate of 37%, while 60% of the clicks go to the top three results.” In order to get your business high in the ranks, we create custom SEO strategies for our clients and implement them for maximum results. However, there are a number of steps you can take on your own to have a significant impact.

Effective SEO strategies rely heavily on link building and content marketing. (Link building is increasing the number and quality of inbound hyper-links to your Web site from other sites and content marketing is keyword laden and strategically published copywriting that increases your search ability.)


Things you can try on your own are…

  • Sign up for a free Google analytic account. (This is to search for common keywords that businesses like yours use.)
  • Create a list of those keywords.
  • Use at least 10 of those words to help optimize your site. (Place them in page titles, copywriting, and image names.)
  • Use the same keywords on all your social media sites. (Be sure to always link back to your own web page from those networks.)
  • Establish yourself as an expert! Answer questions on other blogs and make comments on other websites related to your industry.

On average our clients experience a minimum of 20% increase in search engine sales, in their first quarter. Through sustained SEO, your businesses’ numbers can grow significantly month after month.

In this real-world case, our client has experienced a great success in increasing their online visibility and revenue. Let Digivino help you!

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