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Pinterest Gives More

Do you know about, Pinterest? Pinterest Gives More Referrals than Linkedin, YouTube and Google+ COMBINED!

It’s a fairly new, invitation-only, social bookmarking site used to share ideas via pictures. Presently Pinterest is commonly employed for fashion, furniture, and food (and wine!), but those subjects are rapidly expanding to include everything from motorsports and politics to complex social issues.

Here’s how it works: Participants “pin” images to their categorized bulletin “boards.” Those images link thru to the Websites from where they came. This means, if you have gorgeous and/or compelling images on your Web site, “pinners” (as I like to refer to Pinterest users) will “pin” your images on their “boards.” Their friends will see the pins and can “re-pin” them onto their own boards. Anyone viewing the “pin” can click thru to YOUR web site (where the image came from) for more info!

In December 2011, Pinterest’s visitor traffic rose to 11 million (40x what it was six months before). Pinterest accounted for 3.6% of referral traffic in January, on par with Twitter. Pinners spend an average of 88.3 minutes on the site (ranking behind only Facebook an d Tumblr among the top social networks).

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