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Online Network Differences and Purpose

With so many Social Media sites to post to, it is a daunting task to think of creating individual posts per site. Categorization makes it easier for us as humans to assume a universal posting to each site will obtain the maximum exposure and optimum engagement from our followers. Yet each site serves a different function for its members. Learning the purpose behind each social media site allows your posts to attract the right audience and lead you to succeed in your social media goals.


Take Google+ for example. It’s the newest to the Social Media market and is still attracting users in ways different than other sites. Unlike Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, a plethora of hashtags are turnoffs for your audiences. According the article “ The Anatomy of a Perfect Google+ Post,” by Dustin W. Stout, there is a formula in your postings unlike other social media sites. He recommends a three hashtag limit, quite small in relation to Instagram. It is also important for your post to have substance. Users on Google+ are not looking for a word limit, they are looking to read, learn, and be engaged in a topic. You can use a title, a paragraph about the post or article, personal views and opinions, and then questions to start your audiences’ engagement. Photos get additional clicks, “likes”, and shares. There are even ways to make your photos enlarged on the user’s screen so as to attract even more attention to your post. A Google+ post most certainly does have a unique anatomy compared to what is being used elsewhere.


Twitter is all about updates. Quick, short, and to the point. Hashtags connect the trend to you. So for example, if you are a winery in the Sonoma Valley, use a #Sonomawine to have your posts be apart of the trend. When individuals search for Sonoma Wine, they see photos, articles, posts, and other Twitter followers like you who have used that hashtag in their postings. Still, don’t go crazy with the hashtags, because readers don’t want to have to spend their time translating your posts. News articles and quick updates are perfect for Twitter with its established character limit per post.


While it’s come a long way, Facebook is still a great way to connect to your fans, followers, and customers. As the reigning largest social media site worldwide, this is where you can engage most of your followers. Its adoption of hashtag use and substantial length posting opportunities make it a great hybrid of Twitter and Google+, who both focus on niches. Photos are a great way to entice followers to connect, along with relevant articles and updates. By developing a profile, users can learn about your organization in a fun and personal way.


Youtube is number two in the largest social media sites used worldwide. Don’t forget to use videos to describe your company, teach your consumers about a product through a demonstration, or attract followers with an engaging interview online. No hashtags necessary, although they are growing in popularity.


With any camera or phone, businesses can develop their brand image by posting to Instagram. As humans, we are visually-attracted to things we see. The use of photos is a fantastic way to engage your followers to recent events, news, or images of your business. Did you release a new wine this week? Post a photo on Instagram to begin the branding process; it helps make your brand recognizable for consumers. Hashtags are a must for these posts as you allow followers to promote your own brand with hashtag photo competitions and related searches.


LinkedIn is for the business and professional side of your industry. It allows you to post news articles related to your industry, news about your company, and search for and allow potentially new employees to find you. This is a great networking tool for interindustry and promote your company to other professionals. No hashtags necessary.


The great thing about Social Media sites is that they can all be connected to each other. You can post on one and have it link to another. But by following specific structures and guidelines for each site, your posts can engage more followers and maximize your exposure to new ones. Taking time to focus your post to its relevant market on each site will better engage followers and deepens your brand.

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