How is your business using #hashtags?

GOsustainably and Digivino informing businesses on the importance of hashtags

What is a hashtag? You’ve probably seen #hashtags populating social media sites everywhere. You can’t come across a status update without seeing a pound symbol with a phrase following. As influential as social media is, it has become an important aspect in marketing a business brand.


The time has come for people to learn what and how to use a hashtag properly. In the article “Using the #hashtag to create a cohesive brand communications,” Rohit Bhargave offers three vital tips that all businesses should consider. Hashtags are used to take a word and group them into a discussion. Social media sites use them to link a topic, for the ultimate goal of creating a trend. (Note: Business want to trend!) The first step recommendation by Bhargaves is to use the hashtag to, “create an everlasting conversation.” He means, create and easy and consistent phrase that can be used long term. Use your name or an event and shorten it into its initials or a common phrase. Keep it consistent so it becomes recognizable!

His second strategy is that of, “offering a compelling incentive.” In order for a hashtag to start trending depends on the frequency of use. If business offers an incentive to use the hashtag, consumers will attempt to increase the frequency they use it. Incentives include a discount or “shout-outs.”


Lastly, and probably the most difficult is to, “take an unconventional viewpoint.” Try to be creative but not offensive. The ultimate goal is to start conversation but you also need to maintain a brand image. Any of this sounds overwhelming? Not to worry!

At GOsustainably and DigiVino, we keep you up to date with digital media trends. Among our many service offerings, we help businesses manage their social media: we copywrite posts and set them up using automated software to go out at optimal times/days; we cultivate conversations online on our clients’ behalves; we put tracking systems in place and analyze results; and we engage many other tactics and techniques to grow prospect databases and engage customers for repeat business. Even the #smalldetails matter: we understand the purpose and importance of hashtags. If you have a question about hashtags or anything #digitalmedia, just ask us! We love hearing from you. www.GOsustainably.com and our branch that focuses entirely on the wine world: www.DigiVino.com.

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