DigiVino Celebrates Anniversary

Bringing Traditional Marketing to the New Digital World
Digivino, a branch of GOsustainably LLC, is a digital media
agency that focuses entirely on the wine world. Located in
beautiful Napa, CA, it is the perfect location to bring
wineries, wine distributors, or wine bars knowledge of how
digital media is all too important.
Keeping up with new technologies today can seem
overwhelming and a daunting tasks for many businesses.
However, for the food and wine industry, it is vital. Pamela
Snyder, founder, has embraced new technologies and helped
hundreds of companies enter and embrace the world of digital
marketing to propel their success.
Our goal at DigiVino is to provide affordable solutions for
businesses in the wine world that are under-utilizing Web,
mobile, social marketing and other digital media. We help
these companies capitalize on technology, marketing and
communications to increase their success.” – Pamela Snyder
After a year, Pamela and her team are happy to celebrate the
anniversary of their newest branch, DigiVino. It has been a
year full of challenges and rewards. Clients include Kongsgaard
Wine, Robert Keenan Winery, Cougars Leap, Riviera Wine
Club, Vino Godfather, Absolutely Fabulous Tours, and Saint Helena
Agricultural Services.
●Event Sales
●Integrated Campaigns
●Outsourced Marketing
●Social Media
●Web Redesign
●Winery Launch
Digivino believes no business can afford to ignore the online
market. The word is spreading about how they help businesses
become more efficient over time, following the tremendously
positive impact of their first year on many businesses in Napa
and surrounding regions,
Happy Anniversary Digivino!

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