Amber Case, Co-Founder of Geoloqi1

Brand and Position Yourself Thru Public Speaking

Public speaking engagements are opportunities to build your brand and position yourself as a hub for your field of expertise. One person who has taken this to heart is Amber Case, 26 year old TED presenter and SXSW 2012 keynote speaker.

“Being a speaker is the most efficient way to meet everyone in the room.”

– Amber Case

Amber’s public speaking brand strategy:

  • Position yourself correctly and plan which events to target as your public speaking goals
  • View the slidedecks and videos of presenters you like, and develop your own personal style
  • Find the leaders in your discipline – the people who know everyone or are the keepers of the knowledge – and get to know them. In the process, they’ll get to know you and will help bring you into the community
  • Learn the language of the community and connect with the people, in person as well as online
  • Get to know the people who have spoken at the specific events where you’d like to speak. These people are the connectors who can facilitate introductions and help you get speaking invitations.

See one of Amber’s presentations and learn more about how she built her own public speaking career.

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