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Wine businesses have their roots in the ground, so technology can feel a bit esoteric. Although many wine entrepreneurs realize that they need to have a presence on the Web, more still are afraid digital media will be too costly or too confusing. DigiVino was founded to make reputation-building, revenue-generating and cost-saving digital media affordable and accessible for businesses. Our clients don’t have to be major corporations to take advantage of great online tools like Web, social and mobile media. We differentiate ourselves from other Web companies through our:

High-touch customer support

We specialize in helping people new to digital and companies who want to take their online presence to the next level to dramatically increase sales and success.

Attention to detail

We’ll keep working with our clients until they’re happy.

Extremely high retention rate

The vast majority of our clients are repeat and/or retainer customers.

Technology demystification

We break it down, make it simple, and give our clients just what they need to know in order to make informed decisions about their online presence.


Speaking specifically about wine-making, we appreciate how wineries can be:

  • Dependent on sales growth
  • At times subjected to smaller margins due to the 3-tier system
  • Ready to take advantage of the internet to capitalize on legal changes affecting wine ecommerce
  • Limited by geography if Direct to Consumer (D2C) sales must take place in wineries
  • Knowledgable about their existing markets, growing grapes, making wine
  • Not usually experts in online media
  • Sometimes not comfortable with technology

This is why we help wineries and other wine-related business clients to leverage ecommerce, social networks, SEO, SMO, SEM and other digital media to:

  • Make higher margins selling D2C Increase sales reach and maximize profits
  • Reach new markets
  • Multiply customers and club members
  • Overcome geographical limitations

Our Team

Boss LadyPamela SnyderFOUNDER+
Pamela Snyder founded DigiVino (a division of GOsustainably) with over 15 years experience in digital media and strategic planning. In the e
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Kathie, Direct to ConsumerKathie BarclayDIRECT TO CONSUMER (D2C)
Kathie Barclay is a results-oriented marketing strategist with strong record of achievement in consumer direct campaigns, merchandising, pla
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Regina, Public RelationsRegina LutzPUBLIC RELATIONS
Regina Lutz is a savvy, wine-loving public relations specialist, who has created national and international communications strategies for lu
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Mandy, DesignerMandy MasciarelliWINE LABEL DESIGN
Mandy Masciarelli has been prolifically producing gorgeous and compelling labels and point-of-sale materials since she began her graphic des
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Swagata B, DesignerSwagata MukherjeerLOGO & PRINT DESIGN
Swagata has a BA in design and brings 10 years of experience in design, corporate branding, digital media design, book illustration and inst
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Andrew, EngineerAndrew C. GreenbergENGINEERING / IP
40 years in software design and development, technology strategic planning, core product development and internet security solutions. Famous
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Arish, a passionate web designer & developer who grew up developing and delivering projects from the very basic HTML+CSS+Javascripts to
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Sunil, DeveloperSuneel KumarWEB PROGRAMMING
Suneel is a high quality application developer. He takes care of custom application development and quality and testing assurance. Ultimatel
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WoofMark BleekerIT
Mark Bleeker is a skilled technician with experience in personal computers, servers and network deployment, and accessibility and maintenanc
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Praful, Search Engine OptimizationPraful LichadeSEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO)
Praful has a BS in engineering and has been focusing on Web for the last five years, specifically, working on Oracle technologies, (i.e.: SQ
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MeowRavindra KalraSOCIAL MEDIA
Ravindra is a detailed oriented, project driven and results oriented resource who was an excellent business provider. He delivers on time re
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Chelsea, Business DevelopmentChelsea HunterADVISORY BOARD
Dynamic, versatile & highly personable, Chelsea has 17 years experience building successful client relationships when leading teams to d
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Manimala, ProducerManimala RavindrnECOMMERCE
Manimala is a seasoned entrepreneur, who has successfully started and run a retail and a service business, employing a total of 40 people, s
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Leslie, ProducerLeslie CaplanSUSTAINABILITY
Leslie provides DigiVino’s sustainability-minded clients with the essentials of corporate social responsibility (CSR) reports, to carbon cal
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DigiVino_team(1)SnigdhaECOMMERCE & ADVERTISING
Snigdha works between the Bay Area and Chicago. Her background in research design, industry research, content creation, and qualitative and
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DigiVino_team_LESLIE_producer-300x280(2)Nathan JamesBUSINESS OPTIMIZATION
Nathan began his work in technology long before the web was imagined, creating database solutions. After graduating U.C. Berkeley with a BA
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Health to Wealth

Do well by doing good. We value every client, staff member, vendor, partner, community and environment that our business touches. So we devote ourselves to creating a company where everyone involved will thrive in mind, body and spirit.

+Put in Action

We conduct our own unique, quarterly “Panorama Meetings” where each team member commits to personal mind, body and spirit goals and we support one another in fulfilling those goals.

Planet Friendly

We care for the planet upon which we all depend. DigiVino is a people-powered business, that leverages the Web to increase efficiency and improve success for our clients’ companies, as well as our own. But the web uses energy. Web sites are kept alive by servers that run 24/7. The data centers that house these servers use 1-1.5% of the world’s total energy! That’s up to 100 to 200 times more energy than standard office buildings alone. So we use renewable energy.

+Put in Action

We keep our Web site servers live 24/7 by using 100% wind power. When we host your Web site, we will do the same for you! That’s because, at DigiVino, we practice what we promote: use fewer resources to become more successful. In the coming year we plan to measure and off-set all of our carbon production as well!

Crystal-Clear Collaboration

We cultivate transparency. We know that the best ideas come from working together in environments where respect and honesty go hand-in-hand. So, we demonstrate our care for one another by committing to be forthcoming and sincere in our exchanges with each other and our clients. This includes having the courage to acknowledge issues so we can find solutions together.

+Put in Action

Our internal magic, also known as the “AFGO” (Another Fantastic Growth Opportunity) Communication Tool, provides a systematic approach to transparency, respect, problem mitigation and timely solutions.

Success thru Saving

Waste not, want not. With a shared vision of success, we demonstrate conscientious respect for the energy, resources, time, and creativity that fuel our endeavors. This means we look for and seize opportunities to conserve and cultivate these vital elements of our success when ever possible.

+Put in Action

At every Panorama Meeting, we nominate, vote and award the individual or team that has implemented the best “Success Maker” tactic to save energy, resources, time and/or creativity while simultaneously increasing opportunities for great work.

“DigiVino helps wine businesses to capitalize on their websites, social media, search engines, email campaigns and the online space”green_women1

Our Services

eCommerce Options for Boutique Businesses

When a boutique business wants an online store, there are a few options we suggest. Pricing for each is varied and tied to the unique benefits and drawbacks…
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Business/Campaign Cards

One of the best marketing tools for any business is a business card. It is the ultimate first impression, so you want to make sure you’re conveying the right message…
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Creating the perfect logo can seem like a daunting task. At DigiVino, we make your vision a reality. Our team is equipped with the knowledge and experience…
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Wine Labels

Digivino can help in all your digital needs, including graphic design. Creativity does not come easy to some, but our graphic designer Mandy Masciarel …
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Mobile Apps

As with all technology, it is important to find the right medium for the job. Whether a mobile application will fulfill your objectives, or a mobile-f …
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Techno Geek, complex projects? We speak your languages: Internet Programming Languages PHP, Java, ASP.Net, Perl/CGI …
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Integrated Marketing & Communications

The biggest difference between digital media now and 20 years ago, is that it has become fully integrated into the lives of your customers.
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Search Engine Optimization

Where does your business rank on Google?
Search engines today have replaced the yellow pages of yesterday.
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Social Media

If you have been consistently posting to your winery’s social media sites, engaging your audience and cultivating prospects, then I congratulate you!
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Mobile-Friendly Web Design

60% of Internet users surf on smart phones. Plus, over half of Web users won’t surf a poorly designed Web site, even of their favorite brands.
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DigiVino gifts $500 assessment to wine country businesses.

Ready to make your business grow? Get a free digitial media assessment and: Tips on how to use Web, social media, mobile, video and online p
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Techno Geek, complex projects? We speak your languages:           Internet Programming Languages PHP, Java, ASP.Net
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